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Highlighting Heroes: Ray Henke

As we reflect on the service and sacrifices of our brave servicemen and women across the nation this Veterans Day, let us not overlook the heroes in our very own communities. Ray Henke, participant of the Clifford Active Living Center, is one such local hero.

Pamela DeRose, Susquehanna County Active Living Center Director, recently sat down with Ray to learn a little bit about his service history and share his story: 

 Ray had been working fulltime at a local farm from the age of 14. At the age of 19, he tired of hanging around town in the same rut, and enlisted into the Army active Reserves until 1960, when he was discharged at the age of 21. He was the youngest of six boys (pictured above, with Ray in the bottom left corner), all of whom enlisted into different branches of the US Military, with their parents’ blessing. During his time in service, he trained to be an auto mechanic, which allowed him to be in the “motor pool” during his service – meaning he repaired and maintained everything from jeeps to tanks, and drove them too. Ray recalls during his last active “trip,” he was part of the motor pool that went to Cape Cod, to provide supplies and equipment support to the Army troops there. 

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